Sound Map of the Iguazu River

Click on any of the above locations to hear the works I composed. To stop any sound, simply click back again. Use the zoom in and out tool to further explore the recordings.


This project is part of my PHD research in Music Composition at Universidade Federal do Parana (UFPR) with Felipe Ribeiro as my advisor. I will like to thank: Fundação SOS Mata Atlantica, COPEL (Companhia Paranaense de Energia), Instituto Chico Mendez de Conservação da Diversidade, SANEPAR (Companhia de Saneamento de Parana), Secreataría de Educação e Esporte de Parana. NIME Menthorship program and Charlie Roberts. Testimonies: Diego Saldanha, Florencio Tupã Nhé, Karime Massignan, Dago Woehl and Carmen Luz de Oliveira. My name is Jaime D. Rojas Vargas, I am colombian teacher, researcher and composer interested is interested in reframing our cultural, geopolitical, cosmological, and ecological realities. My email is: